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Residential Expertise

We will deliver a quality of service that exceeds our customers expectations

MGM GARDENING SERVICES now has an excellent reputation for accomplishing residential garden projects involving taming overgrown areas and hedge trimming to large projects involving the design and construction of entire gardens complete with planting. All work is guaranteed to be undertaken by an experienced professional and is fully covered by our Public Liability Insurance.

School & Local Authority

Students and parents first impression of a school is often based on its appearance

We can work with private, grant maintained and local authority funded educational establishments, sports clubs and leisure centres along with residential care homes. As specialist grounds maintenance contractors we can write your grounds maintenance specification for you, or work to an existing specification. We have clients with small single sites and can cover right up to some of the best known multi-site companies and schools in the region. In addition to grounds maintenance, we have capability for specialising in hard and soft landscaping including drives / frontages, patios, water features and communal areas.

Commercial Excellence

Appropriate maintenance of the landscaped environment is an extension of your public image

In and amongst the daily tasks of dealing with demanding tenants, building owners, visiting dignitaries and budget shortfalls we understand that the external cleaning and landscaping maintenance can be some of the last issues on the mind of the property owner.

We understand that first impressions count. Studies have shown that maintaining a property well can improve staff morale, decrease nuisance crime and help preserve and enhance property values. MGM GARDENING SERVICES will partner with you to develop a comprehensive maintenance plan to help you accomplish your management goals.